Koini is not a warehouse supplier of consumer goods. The world has enough of these. Instead, we act as a buying chain. Koini sources products from all over Europe, making them available for purchase in one convenient location. This continent-wide search for bargain prices ensures that we can pass savings directly onto our customers.


Koini is a members-only service, but anybody is welcome to join –  it is entirely free of charge to do so. By signing up for your service, you will be privy to exclusive and time-sensitive deals from all over the world. We search all the globe for the best possible deals so our members do not need to. Think of Koini as your very own online personal shopper.


Our long-term aim is to grow our business model until Koini becomes Europe's largest online retailer. Naturally, this means that we ensure that a wide variety of products are available on our site. Just some of the popular items and niches that are covered by Koini include:


·         Home and Garden Fixtures

·         Kitchen and cookware

·         Bathroom


Over time, Koini has forged positive working relationships with hundreds of suppliers based upon trust and reliability. This ensures that our members are always first in line for significant sales on retail goods.


We extend this dedication to relationship building to our customer service approach, too. We consider our members to be part of the Koini family, and as a result, we go above and beyond to deliver an unparalleled eCommerce solution.